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Hatha Yoga Connecting with the Sun and the Moon

What is Hatha Yoga?

It is one of the very famous Limb Yoga and very important science which, in ancient times the yogis used to practice this Hatha Yoga for a longer period of time to raise the level of their consciousness. In Yoga Upanishad the meaning of Hatha yoga is bring the balance in physical and the mental body as well as technique of purification.

In a simple meaning Hatha Yoga means tenacity to reshape the body or the stubbornness to do it.
“Ha” means sun and “Tha” means moon so the nature of Hatha Yoga is to gradually connect with the sun and the moon.

What is the need of doing Hatha Yoga?

To raise the level of consciousness. Hatha yoga has come from the Sanskrit mantra.’’Ham and Tha’’. The mantra “Ham” represents the Pranic force in our body and The “Tha” represent the moon force in our body. In Yoga, these two flows are known as a PinglaNadi and Ida Nadi and the whole subject of Hatha yoga which is a process of bringing a balance in these two flow and the forces which are constantly working on our body, and because of these two forces interact which each other, we breath, we eat, we live and we think. So yogis felt these two forces have to be balanced to raise our level of consciousness.

What will you learn in Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Avatar Yoga in Rishikesh?

In Hatha Yoga Teacher Training you will be trained to teach UpaYoga,Angamardhana, SuryaKriya, Yogasanas, Pranayam and Kriya.

 In Yogic literature, the whole science of Hatha yoga, the subject of yoga come with six purification and they are neti, basti, dhauti, nauli, kapalbhati and tratakabut later on, to make this entire Hatha Yoga a complete science of Yoga few more things has been added in it and at that time practices of asana, the posture and the practices of Pranayama, techniques of breathing added in that, not only that the Bandhas ,the mudras has also been added in the subject of Hatha Yoga which makes the whole hatha Yoga a complete science of Yoga, to raise, to awoken the different chakras ,to bring the balance between the Pingala and Ida Nadi and once the pingla and Ida Nadi is balance the another channel flows called Sushumna which is a passage for spiritual experience.

Where you will get the best training of Hatha Yoga?
In Avatar Yoga in Rishikesh you will get the excellent training in Hatha Yoga because of its environment,expert and professional teachers and more than that they are helpful and humble .

If you want to live powerfully then Hatha Yoga become an important aspect.


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